Contact Elected Officials

Your elected officials, at the national, state, and local levels, must juggle an exorbitant amount of issues and concerns that affect their constituents. Often, your officials have time to direct their attention only to those issues brought immediately and repeatedly to their attention.

As a science policy advocate, there are several ways that you can make sure your elected officials are well-educated on important science policy issues and are prioritizing them in their decision-making. Methods include writing your official by mail or email, contacting the official on social media, scheduling an in-person meeting with the official or their staff, and supporting your relevant science policy society’s or institute’s government relations team.

Many scientific societies, like the American Astronomical Society, have created and shared useful guides about successfully advocating for science policy with your elected officials. It may also be helpful to become well versed in the policy and funding process to best advocate for your policy interests to the relevant officials and decision-makers. To learn more about contacting your elected officials, AAAS and the National Postdoctoral Association have created useful guides to understand the relevant science policy and funding process for advocacy. To learn who your elected officials currently are, consult the information at this page or search by your address at Ballotpedia.


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