Power to Sleep PM Review

Power to Sleep PM

Sleep is super important for your overall well-being and feeling good in life. It’s like a secret weapon for your mental and physical health, and it keeps you safe too. But let’s be real, in our crazy busy world, a lot of us have trouble sleeping.

That’s where sleep aids and supplements come in. And today, we’re gonna dive deep into one of them: Power to Sleep PM from Irwin Naturals. We’ll check out what’s in it, how it actually works, how much to take, and whether it’s safe or might have any pesky side effects. So let’s get started, shall we?

Power to Sleep PM Summarized

Power to Sleep PM by Irwin Naturals is a sleep aid supplement designed to promote relaxation and support a restful night’s sleep. It combines a blend of ingredients that target stress reduction, sleep initiation, and maintenance of a healthy sleep cycle. While the inclusion of flaxseed oil may not directly impact sleep, it contributes to overall well-being. With a price of $17.99 for a bottle of 60 liquid softgels, Power to Sleep PM offers an affordable option for those seeking a sleep aid supplement.


  • Promotes relaxation and restful sleep.
  • Targets stress reduction and sleep initiation.
  • Supports maintenance of a healthy sleep cycle.
  • Offers an affordable price of $17.99 for a bottle of 60 liquid softgels.


  • Flaxseed oil may not directly impact sleep.
  • Other sleep aids, such as 5-HTP, could’ve been put instead of some ineffective ingredients in the formula.

About Power to Sleep PM

Power to Sleep PM is a dietary supplement developed by Irwin Naturals. It is designed to promote relaxation, encourage sleep, and maintain a normal sleep cycle. The supplement employs a unique blend of ingredients, including calcium, magnesium, valerian extract, ashwagandha extract, hops extract, passionflower extract, lemon balm extract, GABA, L-Theanine, melatonin, and a Bioperine complex.

Each of these ingredients plays a specific role in promoting restful sleep. Irwin Naturals uses a liquid soft gel delivery system for Power to Sleep PM, which they claim provides a premium easy-to-swallow delivery system and allows for the combination of nutritious oils like Flaxseed Oil and MCT Oil for additional nutritional benefits.

Now, let’s delve deeper into the details of Power to Sleep PM’s formulation.

What’s Inside?

Power to Sleep Ingredients

Power to Sleep PM is a sleep aid supplement that combines a variety of ingredients designed to promote relaxation and encourage restful sleep. Each serving, comprising of 2 liquid soft gels, contains the following key ingredients:

  • Flaxseed Oil: 1087mg
  • Calcium (as Calcium Citrate): 10 mg
  • Magnesium (as Magnesium Citrate): 13 mg
  • Valerian Extract (0.8% valerenic acid) (root): 200 mg
  • Ashwagandha Extract (5% withanolides) (root): 150 mg
  • Hops Extract 4:1 (strobile): 150 mg
  • Passionflower Extract (3.5% flavonoids) (pericarp): 150 mg
  • Lemon Balm Extract (5% rosmarinic acid) (herb): 150 mg
  • GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid): 100 mg
  • L-Theanine: 50 mg
  • Melatonin: 2 mg
  • Bioperine Complex consisting of Black Pepper extract (95% piperine) (fruit) and Ginger extract (5% gingerols) (root): 6 mg​​.

Most of these ingredients tick the box for us in terms of safety and effectiveness as sleep aids. Most of them, when combined, can produce an improvement in sleep quality and duration, each one in a different way. For example, hops stimulates GABA, a brain chemical which promotes sleep. [1] Ashwagandha, on the other hand, works to reduce stress hormones which are known to cause overthinking. [2]

But there are also ingredients that don’t work for sleep whatsoever. Flaxseed oil is one of them.

While it’s good for your health, its effects on sleep quality aren’t well-documented. The right dosage of flaxseed oil varies for each person, but even though it’s quite high compared to other ingredients in Power to Sleep PM; it’s only wasting capsule space here.

However, in Power to Sleep PM, flaxseed oil is included along with other ingredients to target different aspects of sleep. So the good news is that, while it may not directly help you sleep better, it can contribute to your overall well-being.

How It Works?

The ingredients in Power to Sleep PM work together to promote sleep in three ways. First, it uses a blend of nutrients to promote relaxation, helping to calm the mind and body. Second, it includes melatonin to encourage the onset of sleep and maintain a normal sleep cycle. Third, it contains L-theanine and minerals like calcium and magnesium, which help to reduce the effects of stress and replenish essential nutrient stores​​.

Each ingredient has a role in promoting restful sleep. For example, calcium aids the conversion of L-Tryptophan into Melatonin, your body’s natural sleep hormone. Magnesium helps relax neuromuscular impulses, reducing twitches that might wake you. [3] Valerian, ashwagandha, hops extract, and passionflower extract all work to reduce anxiety and promote a relaxed mindset.

Lemon balm promotes calmness and sedation, while GABA and L-Theanine boost relaxation by increasing GABA levels. Melatonin helps regulate your sleep cycle, though it’s unclear if it’s natural or synthetic in this supplement. Lastly, the Bioperine complex enhances nutrient absorption, ensuring you get the full benefit of each ingredient​. [4]


The recommended dosage for adults is two liquid soft-gels 30 minutes before bedtime to promote restful sleep.

Safety and Side Effects

Power to Sleep PM is considered generally safe for most adults when used as directed. The ingredients are, for the most part, safe and well-studied. If you have any health issues, talk to your doctor before using it.


A 60-ct bottle of Power to Sleep PM will set you back by $17.99 on its official website. It’s also available on iHerb, Amazon, and other retailers.


Power to Sleep PM is a comprehensive sleep aid supplement designed to promote relaxation and encourage a restful night’s sleep. Its blend of ingredients targets stress reduction, sleep initiation, and maintenance of a healthy sleep cycle. While most ingredients are shown to contribute to better sleep, it’s important to consider individual tolerances and needs. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen.


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