Shanti Review: Does This Sleep Pill Work?

Shanti Sleep Aid by Nutrasen Wellness Review

Shanti Sleep Aid Review Summarized


  • Natural, potent herbal ingredients
  • Backed by clinical research
  • 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Contains trace amounts of milk (watch out, vegans!)
  • Not the strongest player in the sleep aid game due to a lack of melatonin and other ingredients

Nutrasen Wellness Shanti sleep pills come with a pretty decent price tag ($39.95 per bottle), and the ingredients pack a punch in terms of helping you relax. It’s also generously dosed (600mg of KSM-66 Ashwagandha). But compared to some other sleep aids out there, it’s not the best I’ve seen. It’s missing quite a few important sleep aids such as magnesium, valerian root, and l-theanine. If you can afford more, definitely look into other options. That said, Shanti is a decent value for what it charges.

What do we recommend?

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About Shanti Sleep Pills

Shanti is a natural supplement aimed to support healthy sleep patterns and manage stress and anxiety levels. Touted as non-GMO, 100% natural, and housed in vegan capsules, it is tailored to those leading busy lives who may experience heightened cortisol levels and consequent sleep issues. With a combination of three potent Ayurvedic herbs and a 90-day money-back guarantee, Shanti positions itself as a holistic solution for sleep, mood, and cognitive function enhancement.

What’s Inside?

Each serving size (two capsules) of Shanti contains:

  • KSM-66 Ashwagandha (root extract): 600 mg
  • Mucuna Pruriens Seed Extract (15% L-Dopa): 660 mg
  • Bacopa Monnieri Extract: 150 mg

In addition, the capsules contain a trace amount of milk to extract the benefits from the Ashwagandha root. Other components include Vegetable Cellulose Capsule, Silica, L-Leucine.

First up, we have KSM-66 Ashwagandha. This potent herb gets served up in a 600 mg dosage. Sounds a lot, right? Don’t worry, though. According to research, taking up to 1200 mg per day is usually safe for most folks. With Shanti, you’re only getting half of that maximum. So, you’re well within the green zone. Plus, Ashwagandha has shown its might in lowering stress and anxiety levels. That’s some real stress-busting power right there!

Then, we got Mucuna Pruriens Seed Extract coming in at 660 mg per serving. If you ask the studies, they’ll tell you it’s okay. No serious side effects have been reported with Mucuna Pruriens. But hey, do keep an eye on any changes in your body. If you spot anything weird, reach out to your healthcare provider pronto.

Last but not least, Shanti packs 150 mg of Bacopa Monnieri Extract. Again, nothing to worry about! Research shows Bacopa is generally safe up to 300 mg. Plus, it’s known to give your brain a little boost in focus and memory. It’s like your own personal thinking cap in a capsule!

Are the Ingredients in Shanti Sleep Pills Good?

Shanti’s three main ingredients have a well-documented history of use in Ayurvedic medicine.

Ashwagandha, particularly the KSM-66 extract, is known to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality, and lower cortisol levels. [1] Mucuna Pruriens, rich in L-Dopa, has been linked to mood enhancement and easing stress. [2] Bacopa Monnieri is often used to enhance cognitive function, supporting focus and memory. [3]

Though these ingredients show promising benefits, the product contains a trace amount of milk, which may not suit those with lactose intolerance or a vegan diet, despite its use of vegan capsules.

Dosage Instructions (How to Take)

The manufacturer recommends taking two capsules of Shanti daily with a meal for maximum absorption of the herbal nutrients, preferably with breakfast or lunch. It’s suggested to allow the herbs to build in your system before bedtime and to take Shanti consistently for at least 30-60 days.

What do Others Say?

The testimonials provided by users suggest improved sleep, reduced stress and anxiety levels, and enhanced mood and focus. Many have reported feeling better overall, experiencing increased motivation and energy.

Side Effects of Shanti Sleep?

There’s no explicit mention of potential side effects. However, as with any supplement, reactions can vary from person to person. Some people may experience stomach discomfort, nausea, or headache when taking these herbs, particularly on an empty stomach. Those with specific health conditions, pregnant or nursing women, or those on certain medications should consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new supplement regime.

All in all, Shanti seems to have done its homework when it comes to dosage and safety. So, if you’re looking for some quality zzz’s and a bit less stress in your life, Shanti might just be your ticket!

Cost & Value

Shanti Sleep Pills cost $39.95 per bottle (60 capsules). There are bulk-buy discounts, along with free shipping for orders over $50 in the USA and Canada. The 90-day money-back guarantee also adds to its value proposition, allowing first-time users to try the product risk-free.

Shanti Sleep Pills Review: The Bottom Line

Shanti is a quality supplement that combines potent Ayurvedic herbs known for their calming and cognitive-enhancing effects. Its transparency regarding its ingredients and manufacturing process in a GMP, FDA-inspected lab is commendable. The clinical trials backing the benefits of KSM-66 Ashwagandha add credibility to its efficacy claims.

Since it lacks many core ingredients, it’s not the most effective sleep aid on the market, but it’s good enough for the price. Shanti Sleep Aid contains trace amounts of milk, so avoid it if you’re a vegan or extremely allergic to milk.

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