Debbie Smith Reauthorization Act of 2019 (HR 777, 116th Congress)

Policy Details

Policy Details

Originating Entity
Last Action
Referred to Subcommittee
Date of Last Action
Mar 5 2019
Congressional Session
116th Congress
Date Introduced
Jan 24 2019
Publication Date
Feb 11 2019

SciPol Summary

HR 777 (Debbie Smith Reauthorization Act of 2019) seeks to extend programs authorized under the Debbie Smith Act of 2004, including parts of the DNA Analysis Backlog Elimination act of 2000 and the DNA Sexual Assault Justice Act of 2004. Currently, these programs, which include grants for DNA analysis, training, education, and forensic exam programs, are set to expire in 2019; the Debbie Smith Reauthorization Act of 2018 would extend these measures to 2024.

According to the National Institute of Justice, analyzing forensic DNA has played a critical role in investigating and resolving thousands of crimes since the late 1980s, when this technology was first used in forensics.

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