Mapping Nanomedicine Terminology in the Regulatory Landscape

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Policy Details

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Aug 17 2018
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Aug 17 2018
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Aug 29 2018

SciPol Summary

A common vocabulary is needed to lay the groundwork for discussions on any topic; however, as many scientific fields rapidly evolve new terminology is coined continuously. Nanomedicine, a term itself whose definition is not universally agreed upon, is one of these rapidly evolving fields. The goal of this technical report was to develop text mining protocols to extract commonly used terms in nanomedicine, and the definitions given to them, with an eye towards creating a well-defined set of terms for use going forward in regulating this field.  This report was written by the Nanomedicines Working Group of the International Pharmaceutical Regulators Forum (IPRF) from the European Union Joint Research Centre (JRC).  The major findings of this report were:

  • Methodology for text mining to find and construct a set of key terms in nanomedicine.
  • Analysis of use of key terms in current nanomedicine regulation.
  • Documentation of the increased use of nanomedicine key terms in clinical trials and patents.
  • Compliation of key terms and their current definitions by different regulatory agencies.


This report does not create standard definitions for these terms, but it does provide the background necessary for regulators going forward to create standard definitions for nanomedicine terminology.

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