National Drug Control Strategy (Report)

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Policy Details

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Jan 31 2019
Date Introduced
Jan 31 2019
Publication Date
Feb 1 2019

SciPol Summary

The Office of National Drug Control Policy’s National Drug Control Strategy is the first comprehensive document released by the Trump administration to address historically high levels of drug overdoses, especially from opioids. Its primary goal is to deter drug trafficking and use. The document is divided into three sections: prevention, treatment and recovery, and reduction of availability.

Prevention tactics focus on curtailing the initiation of illicit drug use through education and evidence-based prevention programs. The treatment and recovery section emphasizes the need for services leading to long-term recovery for those suffering from substance use disorder via strategies such as medication-assisted treatment and therapy. Reduction of availability strategies focus on curtailing the presence of illicit drugs in the United States via increased vigilance at the border and increased monitoring of licit opioid prescribing patterns.

The Strategy’s top metrics of performance are whether the number of Americans dying from drug overdoses is significantly reduced within five years, whether illicit drugs are less available in the United States (measured through the increased price of street drugs), and the total amount of drugs seized at US ports of entry over the next five years.

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