Rapid DNA Act of 2016 (S 2348, 114th Congress)

Policy Details

Policy Details

Originating Entity
Last Action
Referred to House subcommittee
Date of Last Action
Jun 21 2016
Congressional Session
114th Congress
Date Introduced
Dec 3 2015
Publication Date
Feb 26 2020

SciPol Summary

S 2348 amends the DNA Identification Act of 1994 and the DNA Analysis Backlog Elimination Act of 2000. The bill:

  • Creates a standard definition for Rapid DNA instruments as those that carry out “a fully automated process to derive a DNA analysis from a DNA sample;”
  • Specifies that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director shall issue standards and procedures for use of Rapid DNA instruments & resulting DNA analysis;
  • Includes a new category of actors who may prepare mandatory Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) information: Criminal justice agencies using Rapid DNA instruments that are (1) approved by the FBI Director, and (2) in compliance with their standards and procedures; and
  • Allows the FBI Director to waive requirements regarding the collection and use of DNA identification information from certain federal and District of Columbia offenders, so long as their DNA samples are analyzed via Rapid DNA instrumentation and results are included in CODIS. 
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