Jessie's Law (S 581, 115th Congress)

Policy Details

Policy Details

Originating Entity
Last Action
Referred to House Subcommittee
Date of Last Action
Aug 11 2017
Congressional Session
115th Congress
Date Introduced
Mar 8 2017
Publication Date
Aug 16 2018

SciPol Summary

Jessie’s Law calls for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to develop and disseminate best practices regarding the prominent display of opioid use disorder history in patient records of patients who have previously provided this information to a health care provider.

The bill specifies that these best practices must allow for the patient to elect to have the opioid use disorder history displayed in medical records. Additionally, HHS must create these best practices after consulting with relevant stakeholders, including a patient with opioid use disorder, an expert in electronic health records, an expert in keeping health records confidential, and a health care provider

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